Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Tips on Balance

I struggle daily with balance. I think it's something I will be striving for, for the rest of my life, lol. I know most of you suffer from the same thing so I've pulled together some tips that I have found useful in trying to achieve the o' mighty balance thing.

As a little side note to my first tip, let me clear up that up until last fall, I did not own any type of smart phone, iPhone, iPad or any other gadget that gave me technology at my fingertips. Any type of Internet correspondence was done at my desktop. And then...I got an iPod touch. Ok, your probably thinking...wha? She JUST got an girl is behind! Yes, it's true.  My cell phone has a slide out keyboard, that is about as fancy as I get and my computer is 11 years old. Booya!

So that is my first tip. Getting out from behind the computer. Multi-tasking for anyone in the online world is much easier when done at your fingertips :) Everything is there at the speed of light and whoever thinks of some of the apps out there is incredibly crazy smart. The one gadget that helps me iPod. Er Actually, my husbands iPod that I have hijacked and called my own.

As a blogger and online shop owner, social media & email takes up a huge hunk of my time. It is definitely something that can not be left out BUT it's also a huge time sucker... Let's take Pinterest for instance. The highlight of my afternoons sometime...dishes piled high, floors to be vacuumed, laundry to be folded. But where am I? ON Pinterest...browsing for what seemed like 10 minutes, but was actually more like 2 hours.Where are my kids? I know that as you are reading this and you are all agreeing with me!!! In fact as I type this I have another tab open with Pinterest sitting there, and I pop over every know and then to make sure I'm not missing sad I am. LOL. But enter my handy little ipod and I can quickly tweet or check FB, dare I even check Pinterest?! without being dragged into everyone's business. I can converse with someone if I like, BUT I don't feel the need to snoop through someones online albums when using such a small screen. Smaller screen =smaller info=less time spent getting distracted!

I usually start my day with breakfast and replying to emails via my iPod...all the while sitting at the table with my kids :) It's not likely that I will be winning the mom of the year award for doing this, but it does make things go a bit smoothly around here. To learn how the rest of my day goes, check out my interview over at ModaMama :)

For some more tips on how I find some balance in my day, head on over to Lena's blog! Oh, and there may be a giveaway involved too ;) see you over there!

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Lauren {Adventures in Flip Flops} said...

I know what you mean about the smartphone. I still have my macbook and ipod nano (not a touch screen) that I got in my undergrad days, and my (non) smart phone looks like its a decade old. It definitely is 2-3 years old. I AM planning on getting a smartphone soon because I live abroad and am finding the need for access to maps and translation apps, but I look forward to also being able to use text apps to keep in contact with my family.