Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Handmade Market Setup

Just thought I would update you all with some pics from my latest craft sale...

I really had the vision in my head that I wanted a black ombre tablecloth layered over top of the pink one that I did a few months back...Well it turned out to be a bit of a DIY fail...and ended in a rather dark bluish color...of course I am a last minute girl, so blue it stayed! I'm really digging my sign though...

The antique cash register box I found proved to be the most perfect holder for my earrings...organized by color of course! 

My favorite part of the whole display was these logs. I dragged my Dad out early Thanksgiving morning to pick up some logs that we saw on the side of the road the day before...the final step involved a chain saw in the backyard, and tada! Plus, I got a few smaller ones for another project too :) The ones in the photo also got a light dusting of some gold spray paint.

Overall, it was a fabulous show! I've always stuck with the one day craft shows...but I think investing in a three day show was totally worth it!

I'm always on the look out for great craft show displays. Do you have any pins or posts that show inspiring set ups for handmade markets?

Oh, and watch for new items being added to the shop this week too!

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