Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Home-Outside Progress

The first thing on our to do list after moving in was to tackle the jungle outside...But being a few months pregnant didn't really help that plan too well. It also didn't help with the whole unpacking thing either, but that's a whole other story! Lucky for us, our families have been pitching in with shovels and chainsaws...My mom has been working the hardest to help us get our yard looking neater and ready to plant some prettier things! She's been amazing! Even the neighbours love her :) It still has a long way to go, but let's take a look at some of the progress she's made...

The biggest difference in the front yard was the removal of an 85 foot Spruce tree. It was a massive tree that had become tangled and grown around the hydro wires, so it had to go! The end result will be lots of flowering ground cover overflowing different sized rocks with bulbs and perhaps some ornamental grasses...the vision is still a bit blurred.

Looking back on the before photos, everything looked so lush and green, but weeds and overgrown shrubs are in fact green! The after photos show grass that has been trampled by millions of feet and shrubs that have been cut back to the ground with hope that by next year everything comes back fuller and more manageable! All a work in progress...

So what do you think so far?

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Robin Hardeman said...

You've done a lot of work and it looks really nice. I hate hedges, love how you replaced with smaller plants!