Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Ready...

I can't believe the time is almost here to meet our third little boy....this pregnancy has flown by! In a mere short 4 weeks (hopefully) our home will be filled with baby diapers, sleepless nights (although lets face it pregnancy sure doesn't let you get any more sleep!), newborn cries and mental exhaustion. But it will also be filled with snuggles and cuddles, bonding and family time. And I plan to cherish this time! With one in school and one on they way in the fall, this is my last chance to just take it all in. BE PRESENT. To learn and love with all my heart, to hold and care for a newborn- just this one last time.

If 2014 taught me anything, it taught me that anything is possible. Change happens quickly and if your not ready it will knock you to your feet! So this year I don't have any New Years resolutions, I don't have a WORD for the year. I just want to be ready. Ready to take on the roller coaster of life and enjoy it. ALL OF IT! Whether it's good, bad, horrible, fabulous, beautiful, little or big, I just want to be here for it. It will take awhile to get into the mind frame of accepting all of those things above. But for some reason, right now, today-I feel like I can say that I am there. Perhaps now that our house feels a little more complete then it did 3 months ago-the nursery is ready, things are unpacked and organized (ya it took awhile-I was pregnant!) and my freezer is full of meals ready to go, I can now sit back and think of all the good things to come. I am ready to embrace and appreciate the future and all that it has to offer...

I can't wait to see Grayson and Westyn with their new little brother, watching them learn and grow as brothers. I can't wait to see Mike with a tiny babe in his arms again. And I can't wait to smell his little head and touch his little feet (I sure as heck hope they feel better then they do jabbing me in the ribs!) There is so many possibilities coming our way and I want to be able to appreciate it all, even through a mentally fog :)

So yes, I am getting ready....

I am ready.

I know the unexpected can happen and it probably will.

But that is life.

And I am ready.

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