Monday, August 22, 2011


Twenty minutes away from where we sat eating an early supper on Sunday, an F3 tornado touched down. My brother and his family live in the quiet little town that got hit, where we originally planned to spend our Sunday afternoon, but luckily our plans changed only a day beforehand. We all went to my parents house instead, to celebrate my dads birthday, so thankfully, we were safe and out of harms way.

As we sat around the dinner table, and the skies got dark and the wind picked up, jokes came up that we were 'due' for a tornado in our area. Little did we know that it was actually happening until a few minutes later when our phones started beeping with the news.

I guess luck doesn't even begin to describe it though...somewhere, someone was looking out for my family.

Putting things into perspective, yes? I would say so.

Looking at the photos of the devestation that this little town will have to deal with is horrifying and as I sit here downloading our own pictures from last week, I am thankful that...

...we have a roof over our head so we can play 'tent' under the sheets...

 ....that we have hydro to read stories at night.

I am thankful that we have big beautiful trees to sit under...

...and sunshine to make our flowers grow.

Parks to play in...

and roads to watch diggers on.

Today I am grateful for all of these things and hope that we never have to live without.


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Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear you and your family are ok. God does work in those mysterious ways... I always tell my hubby not to complain about traffic or a wrong turn, it may just be Gods way of keeping you safe!

Melanie said...

First off , so sorry I missed this post hon... AND SO glad you & the fam are ok. WOW. Such a truly beautiful post. I feel like sometimes we're all just going through the motions, not always appreciating the simple amazing things we have in our lives. Like the shade from a tree, your little boys smile... & one cool Canadian friend. Love ya mama. This totally made me stop & think for a second, thank you.