Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eclectic Chic Dining Room-Chairish Mix n' Chic Challenge

I am constantly dreaming about making our space pretty-practical and comfortable but still appealing to the eye. As of right now my style is an eclectic blend of traditional and vintage, with a heavy dose of toys.


There's really nothing I can do about that right now. Those bright blue, yellow and red plastic things just keep popping up!

So I dream....and dream...and rearrange, and scour the internet for inspiration, I thrift my way through antique markets and second hand stores and just dream. I love the way that adding in an item that has a story makes a room feel complete and real. It just gives it some depth and love, you know? Weathered wood, galvanized metal, rustic signs, crates...all the goodness of Shabby Chic!

When Chairish contacted me to take part in their Mix n' Chic challenge I knew this was the perfect chance to put my dreaming onto paper! If you've never heard of Chairish-shame on you! Chairish is an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture. Most styles go in and out of fashion, however; the Shabby Chic-ness of antiques and vintage items has continuously been a decor focus for the last 25 years; The spirit of the style is to work with what you have while mixing in historical elements and pieces with charm. The best part about decorating these days is that the matching look is out - the new look is all about creating a room that seamlessly blends a variety of styles., and that is my style to a tee!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

As of late....

Things have been uneventful...yet eventful...

Life with a newborn is pretty unpredictable and somehow one day just rolls into the next. If it weren't for my highly sensitive 6 year old and my energetic easy going 4 year old, life would be very boring. Those boys sure know how to keep us on our toes!

So as of late...

Other then just hanging out....we said good bye to Winter....the snow has been melting quickly (yay!)....I managed to get a little bit of creating in while little ones played or napped and reopened my etsy shop...Archer had his first smile...and they have been coming in bigger and bigger he's now a whopping 14 pounds!

What have you been up too?

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Friday, February 27, 2015

We have a baby....

It's been a little quiet on the blog front here...but at home we've been super busy! Super busy with the newest addition to our family!!

Archer arrived 4 days before his due date and has been quite the little bundle of cuteness! He is seriously chomp chomp adorable! I'll let you decide for yourself...