Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Changes & Dreams for 2013

Welcome 2013!!! I love fresh starts, like clean sheets on the clothes line, it's so refreshing to welcome a new year. Another beginning...another year to plan things and dream big!

One of the first changes I will be making is to my blog. I'm giving the ole' girl a makeover. She's in need of a
face lift and some love and care. It should be p and running within the week....the downside of trying to do your blog design yourself-working out the kinks as you load up each element. Now, if I was a billionaire I could pay someone, but that's no fun, haha! Plus, this way I can share some tops with you on how I did a few things. At some point in the year I am hoping to purchase my own domain for this little spot too! I just have to prep myself and take a deep breath and jump in. I will also be coming up with a different spin on the advertising aspect of my blog. Last month I announced that I would not be taking on any more paid spots, but instead asking a few favs to display their pretty buttons on my sidebar...I'm still working out a set-up for it...but I think you'll like it :)

As you can see from my list of to do's for blogland, I don't like to make just ONE resolution. Frankly I wouldn't stick to it. I like change too much. Instead my resolutions include making lists, scratching things off the list, and remaking the's a vicious cycle. But I quite enjoy it :)

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Some other goals for 2013...

Professionally, I really want to continue to grow my shop...participate in some more craft sales, and continue to make pretty things!

Ideally I would love to lose a few pounds, I know, a famous resolution that only lasts for one month. But really, I am going to do it. Starting with eating more veggies and less steps people.

The rest of my grand plans revolve around my house and finishing projects that got left behind. You would not even believe the stacks of material I have laying around-pillow dreams. Or the furniture in my basement that I want to refinish. Ceilings that need to be despeckled and smoothed. Basements that are going to go from dark and dingy to bright and beautiful-well, maybe not beautiful, that's a far stretch for my basement, but it will be prettier when I'm done. Paint tooooo...oh yes, I want to repaint.

Ok, looking at this list, I think I may need to get another job! LOL!

What else is on my list?

Oh ya, to be a better person, laugh more, be more patient, slow down and RELAX. That is my word for the year. RELAX. I am hoping that by conquering how to relax and spend some quality time on me, that everything else will fall into place...balance, being the main thing.

Do you have a word for the year?

Come back tomorrow for the return of Loves on a Thursday! Colleen and I quite enjoyed our break in December, but are super excited to return tomorrow and show you all what were loving! I'll be sharing some projects that are on my list this year :)

What about you, any grand plans or big dreams for 2013?
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Sarahmumof3 said...

good luck with all your hopes, and I will come back and look out for your updated blog! :)

Leah said...

i'm the same way when it comes to design on the blog. not fun paying someone for it, although yours looks so good!
i like your word. I think when we take time to really relax, we enjoy little things more.
Happy new year!

Angee @ October Morning said...

My word for this year is cherish. Good luck with your goals.

I love the new look!

Mommy Evolution said...

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