Thursday, April 22, 2010


I wanted to come up with a really meaningful idea for a blog, something inspirational, life altering; shaking a person to the core.

Ah, wouldn't that be nice to have such power, but I am not superwoman.

I am just me, a normal everyday kind of woman. Normal in the sense that I could be your neighbour, your friend, the person that walks by you on the street. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I have a comfortable and happy life. I have the best of friends-although we live too far apart, and I am married to a great guy. My husband, Mike, is someone who loves me for me, and who doesn't care that I can be a bit of a perfectionist-it really would be a lot easier if he would just do as I say!!! Because I usually am right! :) He laughs at me when I break out in a crazy dance, he gets my sarcastic humour, and usually doesn't laugh at me when I cry at silly commercials. Sometimes he does though, but I am ok with that! Best of all, Mike is a great dad! My son, Gray, is ten months old...and growing by the second! He is probably my proudest accomplishment! I am not sure how he turned out to be so darn cute, it must be because of me ;) He inspires me everyday, watching him learn new things, and study objects so seriously with such intent, my heart just wants to eat him. Literally if I could gobble him up, I would. Any other mom understands this, right?

Sometimes life just seems to go by so fast. My year of maternity leave is almost up, I will soon be back at work full time and these days of lounging around in my pj's will be gone. A lot of people ask me if I get bored at home, my answer-NO! I actually love being at home, cleaning and vacuuming are fun- except for dishes-I hate dishes! And I have the convenience of going on the Internet 10 or 20 times day if I like. Plus I play with my, you name long has it been since you played on the floor or crawled on your knees?

Returning to work will be nice though. Real adult conversation? No way! I get to put on nice clothes and make it through the day without spit up or snot on my shoulder? Cool!

So maybe I should write about just that? Life. The simple things that we take for granted. The things that make you pause, giggle, and smile. The things that make you sad, cry and want to punch someone. I can document those milestones, and if someone else takes a liking to what I've written, all the better!

It may not be ground breaking, or different, buts its the stuff that leaves a lasting impression on IMPRINTS.

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