Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty Please

So the Mr. is on holidays this week, which seems to be throwing me off my weekly routine. I feel lazier, its like the whole week is a weekend!The good news though; were going to Toronto for a little day trip! The Mr. has a tuxedo fitting for a wedding that hes in to go to, and I couldn't resist tagging along to doing a bit of shopping...

Me: Where abouts in Toronto are we going today?
Mike: Dundas & 407, why?
Me: Is Yorkdale on the way?
Mike: No, but Sherway Gardens is nearby.
Me: Ohhh...that's good....mmm...hey, isn't IKEA near there too? ;)
Mike: (Rolling eyes) ya...
Me: (mouth hanging in disbelief-as if a simple 'ya' is the answer I wanted to hear ) Gray's never been to IKEA before!

Would I ever use my son to get what I want? OK, maybe I would...but just this once.

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