Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So in the last couple days Gray has decided that he will do everything that I have been trying to get him to do in the last couple months! I really was convinced that my efforts in educating our son were going down the toilet!

To start, my son has not said 'Dada', ever! 'Mum Mum', or mama', he would say...but when we said 'Dada' to him,  he would laugh at us! As if to say, 'I'm not gonna say that, are you crazy'? Well a couple days ago, I could have sworn he said 'daaa' and then this morning he said 'Daaayyyyy' when the Mr. came up the back stairs. This could be the beginning of something, and I know it would make Daddy very happy.

Second, the little dude has been waling all around the house on his musical walker and the chairs at the dining room table have never got so much action. They have been getting a good tour of the house, that's for sure. This morning, he let go of the couch and his feet took a few little shuffles to reach his grandpas hands!!! Where was the camera when I needed it!!! I was so proud!!!! I did manage to capture this video yesterday though...


Third, about a month ago, he blew a kiss, and has not done it since, even when I pestered him 5 or 6 times a day to blow kisses. Then this morning, he was blowing them all around, to anything...the cat, to me, to Daddy, Grandpa, to the cute!!! Again, where was the camera?

And fourth, on cue, he did patty cake!!!!! Now, he hasn't quite figured out how to clap his hands together every single time, but he makes a good effort!

So I wonder what took him so long, why this morning did it all come together? He was on good behaviour...must have heard talk about going to IKEA today... ;)

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