Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So it was my first official day back to work...I was feeling a little jittery, even though I had been back a few times already. I think it was the whole idea of being away from Gray all week. It wasn't just for a day. So this morning started out OK and went down hill from there... Here's the rundown.

I got ready while Mike was still home to watch Gray. Mike feed him his bottle and then he left for work. I got breakfast ready for the two of us, and we were halfway through when the phone rang. I answered it thinking it was a friend of mine (my morning phone buddy)..nope..it was the babysitter....yep, here it is...her child is sick...fever of 102, puking...shes calling all th moms to let them know that she is out of commission for the day. URGH...really?! She offered to take Gray for the day anyway, knowing that it was my first day back to work, which was nice. But do I take a chance and bring him? what if he gets sick too? then I have to deal with that all week? I had no plans on calling in sick on my first day back, plus I am pretty sure no one else can work. I could call Mike and tell him to come back home... but if he doesn't work today, he doesn't get paid for the holiday Monday. My other back up is Mikes parents...they live an hour away...and are leaving in two days to go on holidays...I know their busy...but I called  anyway. Yay!They will look after him...who could resist my charming boy? Seeing as it is 7:30 in the morning they had just woken up and they wanted to know if I could meet them halfway...ummm...I looked at the clock...thinking to myself that I have to take down the playpen, load that and the high chair-that I still had to wash from this mornings tornado of food, into the car. Plus, pack dishes, spoons,  toys, extra diapers (the babysitter already has all of this stuff)...ya, nope that wasn't happening. I guess I will take Gray to work and meet them there? OK, that's what we'll do. Phew...did I mention it was already 23 degrees and humid? I am sweating like a pig, so much for that nice shower this morning.

Well I made it. I got to work on time, switched cars around with Mikes parents...cause taking out and moving the car seat around is way to much work, and then sighed as I walked in to the air conditioned store. I could've cried, but I didn't....not yet anyway...

Oh, you thought it was over...

A couple hours passed, and I was just thinking that I should call and see how Gray was doing, but the bell on the door went, so I looked up and guess who is walking through the door?Nana!Shouldn't she be with my child? Ahh....well in all the commotion this morning, the garage door opener to their house is in the car...which is with me...at work...and that is how they get in the house...??? Problem...yes...so we got that all figured out and off they went again...You are probably thinking that this doesn't sound too bad, but you if you remember me mentioning before...they live an hour away. So, Gray has now been in the car for just over 2 hours...and he is hungry, probably has poop up his back and is hot and sweaty in his car seat.

Anyway, I called about a hundred times today and things are fine. I however am not, I feel awful...not that there was anything I could do to make the situation better...I just had to go with the flow. Oh, and he is now spending the night with Nana and Grandpa.

So, day 1 down...4 more to go.

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