Friday, June 4, 2010

In my absence

Who knew I would have so little time once I went back to work ~smirk~ Sorry for my lack of blogging over the last few weeks. You only missed out on a very snotty nose, a diaper rash, plus one more tooth breaking through- which brings the count to 2! So I made it through my first week back to work, and I have to admit, I enjoy being back. I do miss my little guy incredibly, though! I think my transition back to work has went a lot smoother then I imagined. I guess I can credit that to an amazing babysitter, and a child that does not make strange!He's going to be a year old in one week....AHHH!!Where does the time go? Plans are in motion for a very cool first birthday if only I could get time to plan everything I want to do....

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