Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I wish you guys had smell-o-vision, or rather smell-o-net? Something about the smell of lilacs in the air... just makes it more assuring that spring is really here. As I was uploading this picture, I swear I caught a scent of that sweet yummy fragrance. They really would look lovely in a vase on my table. Tonight I will go over and pick some, I have to wait till tonight cause its actually not my lilac bush, its my neighbours... although technically no one lives there, but I should still wait till dark... right? Or I could wait till my own lilac bush blooms... maybe thats a better idea, I don't want to promote picking other peoples flowers, seeing as I got mad a couple weeks back when some girls were picking my tulips. Not just the random yellow and red ones...but my really pretty one of a kind purple ones... I know!!!! Anyway, I am rambling now... wish you could smell them!!!

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