Monday, July 5, 2010

Beach Days

I remember spending all day, all night and every moment inbetween at the beach throughout my younger years. There wouldn't have been a single hesitiation if someone had said "Let's go to the beach!' With only a 25 minute drive to anywhere along Lake Huron, away we went!

Fast forward 10 years and now we live about an hour from any lake that would be classified as a 'beach.' I really should've thought this through some more before the move... Anyway, so going to the beach is no longer a quick decision, especially with a child, its planning, packing, rearranging the car, more planning and finally we are all in the car, with everything we could possible need in the next 5 hours. So Sunday was a beach day, the first one since Grayson was a month old. Here's a then and now pic, just for comparison.

One month old vs. 12 months old

I love the smell that comes along with the beach, its a open your windows and turn off the AC kind of freshness that just welcomes you, begging you to enjoy the sand between your toes and shield your eyes from the rays of sunshine bouncing off the water. The sound of seagulls sqauking while you are walking to your car after grocery shoppping is not the most wonderful sound, but when you are at the beach, its like background music to a great movie.

To see Gray enjoying his first time at the beach (his actual first time doesn't count-as we just took some pics and then left quickly!) was so cute. His sunscreened body was covered in sand before Mike and I even got the umbrella and blanket laid out! But he didn't seem to mind one bit...

And so it begins, the sand in your toes type of love they call the beach. Maybe we will have to move closer... ;)

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