Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 143!!!

Well, its Canada's birthday today, so what better way to celebrate, then to get outside and enjoy all the wonderful things our country has to offer! Gray was a little under excited about the whole thing, but once he got out of bed, had a bottle and ate breakfast, he felt a bit more like celebrating!

Since Gray has really only seen a cat and a dog, he wan't sure what to think of the ducks and swans! He kept calling them 'kees' (kitties). Once we left this area, he kept saying 'kees' and waving bye bye. So cute!

The playground was really busy...but with all those bright colors and kids running around having fun, we couldn't pass it up! So we stopped and let the lil' dude crawl around. It was well worth the long drive to get there...5 minutes, hehe.

Another great thing about all this outside play? The sleep that follows it! Happy Birthday Canada! We had so much fun. Just the three of us!


Jennifer said...

What a great day!

Lish said...

It really was!!! Its always nice to spend time outside playing !!! :)