Thursday, July 15, 2010

In my dream life...

In my dream life I would wake up to the sunshine everyday, to the birds chirping quietly outside my window, singing their songs to the damp dew on the grass...My  favourite song would be playing on the clock radio at the exact time my alarm goes off...and Gray would sleep just a wee bit later then he currently does. I would spend the stillness of the morning catching up on emails, and sorting through the list of to dos for the day, while drinking my coffee on the back deck...the rays of sun filtering through the big old maple tree in the backyard. So obviously I'm on my super cool new laptop!

Rewind- I didn't mention Mike because I assume that he has already left for work and kissed my forehead while I was blissfully sleeping and unaware of his departure. So don't worry Mike, you are still part of my dream life :)

In my dream life after soaking up some early morning rays, I quietly head to the shower and emerge transformed, without sweating from blow drying my hair. Gray is now waking up and his delightful first morning squeals catch my attention and I head upstairs to give him his good morning kisses. In this life I have time, time to relax, and enjoy what this crazy thing called life is all about. No rushing, no appointments...just pure precious time.

I work in my dream life, but that part is a still a little fuzzy. All bills and debt are paid off so my dream life job is doing something that I absolutely love. Something that combines my hobbies scrapbooking and art/photography, with my passions -fashion/home decor, all the while being able to work from the comfort of my own home. I could have a photography business by day and a scrapbookers paradise by night. People would come from miles away just to have a 'Lish' original scrapbook! I would always be dressed 'oh so fashionable' because on the weekend I would be a Fashion Consultant to celebrities! My home would be showcased on HGTV and my blog would be the most read blog on the internet! ~ remember I AM dreaming...

Ah, my dream house would be every bit as welcoming as it is now ( I hope it is anyway) but with all the updates done. Electrical, plumbing, oh and a new kitchen! Lets take a moment and go room by room here...first the exterior. My dream house is on an tree lined street (in the country or in a small town). All my best friends live on this street. No more hour long commutes to each others houses. No more long distance phone calls around the world. Just a single shout out the window! I have a wrap around front porch with gorgeous wrought iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Four black painted wood rocking chairs are off to one side and a comfy porch swing is nestled into the other corner. 

Blue and white hydrangeas welcome you to the front steps along with beds full of daisies and coneflowers. The entrance way is a show stopper, with a grand staircase taking center stage. Photos of family and friends line the stairway and make a welcoming feature wall.

My stairs now-I'm trying to improvise!

The entry way would set the tone for the rest of the house, cream walls with splashes of red and turquoise and accents of black. To the left is a cozy living room, no TV, just a comfortable couch and two chairs framing the gas fireplace. Ottomans and floor cushions are tucked in baskets and under shelves flanking the fireplace for the impromptu gathering of friends. Back through the foyer and to the right is a 'formal' dining room with modern and antique touches. The rustic old farmhouse type table has nick and chips out of it with a capiz shell chandelier hanging above.

A weathered turquoise buffet chest is placed along the wall. A collection of mirrors and framed artwork strategically placed above it. Through the dining room you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen. The sparkling black counter tops glistening from the sunlight pouring through the wall of windows along the back wall. There is an apron front sink and white cabinets. White subway tile is the perfect back drop to my perfect kitchen. A large island grounds the brightness of the kitchen, the turquoise paint peeling off the legs showing layers of love and history. The kitchen opens up to a family room and eating area, which opens up to a large back deck and a full view of the fabulously landscaped yard.  Flagstone pathways and a tree house for the kiddies...OK...maybe I should stop...I am feeling a little dizzy with imagination.

The evenings would be peaceful...a relaxing end to a wonderful day of laughter, playing and creativeness. My husband and I sitting out on the porch swing on our tree lined street, listening to the hum of the baby monitor as Gray sleeps peacefully, drinking something good from a wine glass and reflecting on this dream life.

In my dream life I am a creator of pretty things. There are no worries. There are family vacations. There is fabulous food. Fabulous people. In my dream life I am exactly who I am meant to be...I am doing what I love and how I love.

In my dream life....


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