Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scenes from the cottage- Part one

What a beautiful way to wake up...sun, water, crispness in the air. There is nothing more relaxing then sitting out on the dock to drink your coffee. Gray was in love with the fresh air and new scenery as well! Since learning how to point, his little pointer finger was constantly up in the air, pointing to birds, clouds, trees.  Pointing at minnows in the water, lily pads and frogs!

This is the view from the island that we went swimming off was so gorgeous, you could here the crickets chirping and the wings of the dragon flies snapping, the lap of the water as it hit the rocks....

And the sunset at night...can you see the rainbow? The air was so warm and must have been raining somewhere though, as this ray of color was shining through the clouds...

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