Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh sooo good!

Call me a cautious mom, but whenever I give Gray something to eat, I cut it up into bit size pieces...maybe its because of the mess..or maybe it's because I know that he will try to fit it all in his mouth at once!! So, with me being all relaxed and stuff while we were on vacation...I figured, what the much of a mess can he really make?

First of all, he loved it!

Second of all, I loved it too!!


Rachael said...

man, he's cute! i especially love the second to last picture. adorable!

how do you make your pictures big like that?

Lish said...

Thanks Rachael!!! I just click the XL format when I upload them. I think the template of my blog has a bit to do with it too...I tried a few other templates and I couldn't get the pics to be that big, they would always overlap my sidebars.

Rachael said...

hmm....i'll have to try that. mine overlap when i try to make them bigger too. then i just say eff it.