Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hustle & Bustle

The long weekend is over. It was three days of doing stuff, packing stuff, cleaning, cooking and all in between. I'm kinda glad its over. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the whole three days! While trying to squeeze naps and housework into an already busy weekend was, we were out enjoying the warm muggy weather on Saturday at Rib Fest, an annual must go to....mmmm...the vendors were great, the food was great -although, I must remember not to eat before I go next time!

MMM...pulled pork on a bun!

Hanging on for dear life!

Hanging out with Aunt Cindy

Gray ended up with some kind of rash, possibly heat rash?, on his face and back ...but it didn't bother him in the least. I wasn't too worried about it...until....

Sunday....ah Sunday...I have to say the morning started out amazing...things were just happy, with smiles, hugs all around...that's a whole other blog-coming soon! Anyway, we were packing the car, making desserts and preparing to go to the annual family pool party. Cousins and aunts and uncles...everyone is there, swimming and eating and drinking! Its a great time!

But back to the rash...Gray still had a few spots on his cheeks...but after we dried him off from the pool and he was playing and climbing around...his face totally broke out! I had never seen anything like it...then I got worried, was it a heat rash? Did he eat something? Is it Chicken Pox?Measles? He seemed happy though?
I got convinced that it was probably something he ate, although I can't think of anything he had that was out of the ordinary, except for the food he had at Rib Fest, but would it take that long to go through his system? A whole day? So we went along as if everything was fine, gave him some Benadryl when we got home, and off he went to bed. The next morning the spots were not as bad, still there, but no where near as prominent. They seem more noticeable when we are outside playing...so maybe it is heat related?

If it doesn't clear up soon, I guess we are off to the Dr.s!
Overall, it was a great weekend spent with great people...but it's nice to come back to reality and our everyday routine. Another work week started....another weekend gone by!

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