Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just like you, mommy!

I am not really sure why my son has this fascination with my bracelets...but he absolutely freaks out everytime I put them on. To the point that he would rip them off my wrist! At first he would just suck on them, then, one day he was in the living room playing with them, when I heard him cry out. I looked over and he had them all around his leg! They were stuck, and he couldn't get them off...maybe that's not really funny, in fact some people might think I was neglecting him by letting him play with bracelets. But it's not like they would fit around his neck or chock on them! So I laughed...and now he does it all the time...

Well, on this particular morning, I was putting some dishes away and I knew that he was playing with my bracelets, so I quietly grabbed the camera to try and get a few shots...

To my surprise, he was ready...oh, he whipped out this smile...the biggest grin I ever did see...ear to ear I tell melted my heart! Say cheese!


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