Saturday, August 28, 2010

Number two...

So these past weeks have been rather hectic around our house...hectic to the point that I actually found cobwebs entwined through the 'LOVE' sign I have sitting on our window sill. My dining room table is piled high with mail and junk that is dropped there daily, and I am pretty sure that the dust bunnies are having parties...Yep, that's pretty bad. Its even worse cause I don't care...all I want to do is sleep!! Apparently though, I am the only one, so that makes it pretty difficult! Do people not know its hard work growing a baby inside you!? Oh, didn't know that? Well, baby number two is making an appearance in April!! Some of you know all about this thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, and my husbands premature posting of several pics of Gray wearing his 'I'm gonna be a big brother' tee.

I know he's pretty cute, isn't he?
That's a long story, so I won't go into it all...but it started with a lot of yelling (from me), phone calls (as we had not told some people yet) and then ended with hugs, so what if I'm only 7 weeks? I guess its not that bad that people just means I get to dig out my maternity clothes right away! My stomach seems to think its 4 months preggo, cause I feel HUGE! We are pretty excited though...and nervous...I am not sure what is going to be the hardest...having morning sickness and caring for a 14 month old, or caring for two babies under two. I am also pretty excited about sharing this pregnancy with a really good friend, she's in her 4th month with her first! So it will be prety cool to share our experience together...not only that, but a few blogs that I follow daily, well those lucky mommy's are also expecting!!!! When I found out that Nicole at Making it Lovely was expecting her second baby I couldn't wait to see what ideas she had for the new nursery! Memo's from a Working Mom is another lovely momma that I was excited for, and reading her entries always seem to be right on the money with me...I wanted to post comments on both their blogs so bad, and say ME TOO! But since I hadn't told anyone yet, I bit my tounge..until now!

You may remember my blog about our weekend at Ribfest....where I commented that our Sunday morning was amazing! Well, that was the morning I found out! Oh, and my Weekend Project, well that was all good intentions, but I just couldn't bring myself to do any organizing, first, because I was soo exhausted and second, because that will be Gray's new 'big boy' room...and I am still planning wonderful things to fill that space with. It is going to be so much fun planning and decorating Gray's new room, the nursery will probably stay somewhat the same, we may just change a few things depending on if it is a boy or girl...?

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