Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Thoughts

I realize I haven't been writing much this past little bit...and it comes down to time...oh, how I wish I had more time! More time for cuddles with Gray, more time for laundry and dusting, more time to scrapbook and paint, more time for date nights with my husband...but the reality is that time is only what I make it. Sometimes my time for cleaning is spent surfing the net, my hubby time is spent going to bed early. Cuddles are far and few between, because Gray is running and building and far too busy to sit with is mommy. But it's all good...cause that is what our so called life entails...I just have to remember to stop and 'smell the flowers', so to speak. I have to get back to the roots of my blog... enjoying the little things along the way...

The smell of autumn is in the air...back to school shoppers are buying their new clothes, mums have appeared at the doors of many houses, and my grass has a few brown leaves scattered about. This got me excited...excited, at the thought that scrapbooking season is near- I consider the cold weather perfect for scrapbooking, as in the warmer months, I am outside way too much- Excited, that Halloween, pumpkins, turkey, stuffing and cool nights are approaching!

So here's to the last weekend of summer...and to a few random photos from the weekend...

New post on my Etsy page:

Homemade Potato Soup mmm:

And a little boy that is obsessed with climbing into baskets...he screams trying to get in, and screams trying to get out...but is cute in the process!

Happy Labour Day!

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