Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend Project

Yep, here it junk/craft/scrapbooking/computer/spare room/Mike's work clothes...urgh..and what a mess, did you notice the first word was junk? My three day weekend involves cleaning the crap, literally, out of this room! I can't wait! There is so many things that need to be reorganized, thrown out and just generally dusted, as I am afraid that Gray might get lost the next time he wonders in there.

So here is the before....

It is going to be so relieving to have this done...I am sure this will open up tons of creativity once I have space to actually create!

The only drawback is that this will most likely lead to the reorganizing of several different closets in my house...all of which are in abnormal spots and are not proportional fit to hold the items that are in there....

So wish me luck, and hopefully I will make it out alive!

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