Friday, September 10, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty!

We have two is fat & is small & cute. One is fat & mean, one is small & nice. Gray is oblivious to the fact that one is nice and one is mean. So he treats them exactly the pouncing on them! Although, he is much more gentle then he used to be! Before Gray came along, our cats were our babies...always making sure someone would look after then while we were away...leaving places early cause 'we had to feed the cats'...wiping their bums-that's a whole other story-let's just say, the fat & mean one can't clean her ass! Anyway, our cats were the ones I took pictures of and scrapped before Gray and now with Gray here, I don't think I have taken a single picture of them...So just so they don't feel left out...

Meet Popcorn- Small & Nice

Meet Cornflake- Fat & Mean- she gets a bad rap...but she grows on you, and she was our firstborn!!



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