Friday, October 15, 2010

Decor Dreams

So after months of planning and searching the internet for inspiration...which was all I could manage to do amongst my lack of motivation and serious tiredness...but here it is! The final design plan for my little boy's BIG BOY room!  I wanted something fun, bright and kinda grown up, as this will also be used as a guest bedroom when the adults get together to party! Of course, who knows what will happen, but I would love to do something like this...

I have always loved the idea of a chalkboard wall, and I think the black would be pretty cool against the soft blue (almost as pictured) that is in there now, yeah to not repainting!! The picture rail was an idea that I had awhile ago to put under this window turned shelf on the back wall of the 'now' computer room. It is awkward and sticks out like a sore with photos and artwork on either side; might just make it blend in a bit. I love the scrapbooked feel of the photos pictured framed in white. Gray will definitely need some sort of storage for toys, and the one above is so cool and different! As for the big boy bed, I wanted a traditional but fun look, so I decided on this quilt from Sears.

I am undecided on curtains and rug or no rug? But other then that, I think we are all set to start redecorating! Although, moving Gray's room also creates a domino effect on a bunch of other things in the house...but I will cover that later!!

So now that I am over that '3 month' hump, I have my energy back and I am ready to tackle this!!

P.S. I would love to credit whoever posted these photos originally, but I have had them saved on my computer for ages and I have no idea where I got them. If you do...let me know so I can credit them!

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