Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They'll be a changin'...

I know, I know!! A couple posts back I wrote about how I was slacking in the writing department, and how my poor neglected blog was put to the back burner. You thought it would get better, didn't you?

I'm trying......!!!!!

Anyway, this past weekend was really special to us because my youngest brother tied the knot. It was a fantastic day all around and I am so lucky to get another sister-in-law!! Except for the moment when Gray decided to have a temper tantrum while the vows were being said....which seems to be happening a whole lot lately (tantrums-not the vows!). But the wedding was a nice break from everything that has been going on. The amount of things that have been running through my brain is unreal. Add in the hormones and a whole lot of stress...swamp water is-a brewing!Although I would much rather have a Pina Coloda!  Either way changes are coming and I am not sure what will happen...

But on a happier note; some beautiful pictures!


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