Friday, October 8, 2010

Rough Week

Lucky Mike, what a tropper, he definitely gets the best dad award! So while he got a break from work last week, he did not get what he thought was a real break. Gray was sick all week. Cold, fever, snotty nose, cough, he would not nap at all during the day! He was needy, screaming and well, you get the drift...
So he got cuddled a lot! He did sleep at night though, no problem, as he was probably so tuckered out!
I was at work all week, so I couldn't even help. I felt awful listening to Gray screaming in the background while Mike and I tried to figure out what was wrong with him over the phone. In fact it broke my heart...I just wanted to hold him!

But a funny sidebar to the story are the following pictures:

He was so tired he just couldn't take it anymore! Fell asleep in the middle of lunch! We have a video, but for some reason its not uploading correctly, oh, if you could only hear his snores! So sweet!

He's feeling much better now, and he is napping for the babysitter, so we'll see what this weekend brings!

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