Monday, October 11, 2010


You know, I used to think that summer was my favourite time of the year. I liked the sun, the beach, the flowers, the smell of suntan lotion. We got married in July because to me, that was the perfect time of year.

Lately though, fall has become more and more appealing to me, maybe because of the beautiful colors that surround you in the autumn. I love all my flower beds, but in the fall they look absolutely stunning. The burnt oranges and bright purples, burgundy and pretty! The fall leaves are breath taking as well, and watching Grayson throw them in the air and chase them around is so entertaining. The weather is perfect too. Not to cold and not to hot. I love wrapping up in a warm sweater in the cool months. It's much more comforting being bundled up then being dressed in barely nothing when it's so hot and humid out. Not only that, but fall is the kick off to great things, like Halloween! And let's not forget about Christmas, as I am already dreaming about possible decor ideas!

So its final, my favourite time of year is FALL! What better time of year to figure that out then at Thanksgiving...where I am so thankful for this life that I have with a wonderful 'growing' family and amazing friends!

I hope you all a wonderful long weekend with your loved ones too! Happy Thanksgiving!

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