Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Nursery Decor} A little birdie told me...

...about this super cool baby nursery! Actually, it was a really good friend of mine who designed and created this beautiful little haven for her soon (less then a week) to arrive baby boy.

Hand sewn birds..so cute! And I love how the yellow and green complement the soft shades of blue in the room!

I have been a little nursery crazy for the last little bit, trying to get all the details in order for our own 'baby pea pods' room, so seeing her completed room is making me a bit jealous! But that's ok, it just means I really like it!!


Jenn @ Organic-Mama.ca said...

It is a really nice room! Are you going to post pictures of your baby's nursery as it gets done? I love seeing pics like that!

Lish said...

Oh, you bet! I can't wait to have it all finished!