Monday, February 7, 2011

three weeks; three closets

I have some organizing that has to take place before baby pea pods arrival in 8 weeks,
and I am giving myself 3 weeks to complete it! I wish it would only take 3 days but to be honest, I'm not sure if I have that kind of energy!

So here is my challenge:

Closet #1-Master Bedroom

Reorganize, make room for Mikes work clothes-which are currently in another closet, fix the light (hasn't worked for over a year!) Remove shelves and replace with smaller ones, remove pant rack (not an efficient use of space) and replace with bar.

Closet #2- Proposed Linen Closet

Reorganize, remove Mike's work clothes, get rid of odds an ends, replace hanging bar with shelves.In the end all of our extra towels, sheets, toiletries will be stored here!

Closet #3- Front Hall

Right now this closet is used for baby toys, an exercise ball that hasn't been used in about a year or two, board games, shoes, coats and an assortment of junk!
This will become the storage area for all cleaning items, vacuum, broom...and ? I'm not sure yet...

Well there you have horrible, unorganized closets that are in desperate need of attention. Please don't judge...:)


Jenn @ said...

Good luck with all that organizing! And more importantly, congratulations on your upcoming baby! :)

Lish said...

Thank you! Glad you stopped by!