Friday, February 4, 2011

In Gray's Words...


Daddy refers to me as the little 'Hellion'...I prefer to think of myself as 'Spirited'...I like to test the boundaries and I love getting mommy and daddy's attention! Sometimes I cry when I am frustrated and throw things when I don't get my way...sometimes I think it's fun to throw my food all over the floor and watch mommy and daddy pick it up. I'm not really all that bad though... I really love cuddling with mommy and wrestling with daddy on the floor. Looking at 'choo choos' and balls in books is fun,  and getting mommy to draw birds, planes and buses is fun too! Throwing my bouncy ball up and down the stairs with Daddy makes me laugh so much...

See? I'm not really all that good qualities definitely out weigh the bad ones, don't you think? Plus...I AM PRETTY DARN CUTE!

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