Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tales

{Foreword: I was trying to post this all day but stupid blogger had other ideas...so my post titled Tuesday Tales somehow became a Wednesday Rambling... }

Sleep Tight

It has been over a week now and Gray is finally sleeping in his big boy room! How did we do it? By removing the headboard and bed frame! So, his mattress and box spring sit on the floor...it worked to get him to sleep in the bed, but now he has figured out that he can have free reign in the room once mom and dad tuck him in and leave. Not sure if that is such a good idea...last night for instance, he was playing in the dark in there for about an hour after we put him to bed. Like any good parents we let him, figuring he would go to bed when he was good and tired. By 9pm we didn't hear anything anymore and figured he went to sleep! Oh did he ever...!!! I went to check on him before I went to bed and couldn't get into his room! Something was blocking the door...a body! The body of a toddler! I guess that hardwood floor was so inviting that Gray decided it would be a good spot to lay down and snooze! I was dying of laughter! Literally using the door to push him out of the way I managed to squeeze in and pick him up and put him back into bed...

Big Boy

Gray is really starting to show his independence- from tucking his teddy bears into bed, trying to feed the cats his food ( I even saw him try to read them a story-he was quickly shot down by Cornflake who was not happy at the idea of being read to!), he's balancing blocks into tall towers and making megablock houses for his cars, he helps empty the dishwasher and vacuums (slave labour?). He is definitely going to be a great big brother and will be making all of us laugh with his crazy antics! Oh, my little boy is no longer a baby!

Signs of Spring

Nothing says spring more then brightly colored tulips-courtesy of my super awesome husband! They really do brighten your day when you walk by them! Add in the sunshine...

Hello, vitamin D! Where have you been hiding? I just couldn't resist getting a shot of the beautiful sunshine this am...what a happy start to the morning! Don't let the sun fool you though, it's still freakin' cold out!! Oh, and please excuse the dirty windows!

Stay tuned this week for an update on my closet situation...!

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