Monday, June 6, 2011

Making it Lovely

Our house has a sunroom, with huge potential, off the kitchen. However, it has been an eye sore for years...between old windows and a leaky's just kind of been 'there'. Since having two kids and trying to downsize on the amount of 'junk' we accumulate, the sunroom now has an actual purpose and that is as a toy room/computer area. It's great because I can watch Gray and Westyn while I cook, or I can check emails while they play. But it still needs major help...aside from a ton of paint (which will happen someday?!). Awhile back, we got all of the old windows replaced and even raised one wall of windows up to make more wall faces our neighbours so there wasn't any view lost. I dug up some old pics to give you a sense of what I'm dealing with.

In the next couple weeks I will be posting some pictures of some projects that I am doing in the space. My project for today includes printing off some recent pics to frame and personalize the area.

Freebie Print!
Just click to enlarge and print away!

 And that my friends, is how I'm making my Monday more lovely!



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