Friday, June 3, 2011

Two year old birthday party

My big boy is going to be two in 10 days...time has flown by so fast. While I have the date set for the big party and the invitations have went out, I am at a loss of what to do next, which is so unlike me! I know there will be a few train decorations and the color scheme will be the colors of the rainbow, but other then that, it's just a mass of pictures flying through my head!

Here's a few that have inspired me...
the Invite

I love making tissue paper balls and we did that for his first birthday...but they are a bit time consuming, and I think Gray would appreciate some 'boons' (how he says balloons).

I am going to do a train themed cake,
but I absolutely love this idea too!

How about some rice krispie balls on a stick?

I'm undecided on using a handmade bunting or doing something cool like this with streamers...

I love the idea of presenting the food in rainbow colors  ...I wonder if I could do one with veggies too?

 Some other cool ideas...


All photo's can be found on my Pinterest party board. Haven't heard of Pinterest?...I suggest you check it out if you like looking at pretty things on the web! It's a great place to catalogue all your favourites!

Happy Friday!



MK said...

How did you make the rice krispie balls on a stick? What brand did you use?

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

The picture was only an inspiration pic, I never actually attempted them. Good luck though :)