Monday, July 11, 2011

Monster Chalkboard

I have been in love with chalkboard paint ever since we painted it on a wall in my two year olds room. The black paint looks awesome up on the wall and in the near future will probably be my sons favourite thing to draw on!

So I figured why not add another chalkboard to our household! We have a certain wall between our kitchen and play room that has been an eye sore since the day we moved in. There is a large cabinet/shelf that is cut out of the wall, but is no deeper than a spice container...really, it's not very practical. I tried various times to hide it with shelving units, but nothing really seemed to work, and since we have a narrow kitchen, it was taking up to much space. Sure, we could fill it in with drywall, but matching up drywall to plaster is NOT fun.

Here is the BEFORE.

Here is the AFTER.

No more hole...and lots of space to draw!

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The Olive Tree Blog said...

oh that is great!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...


meg + andy said...

this is brilliant! i just got my first chalkboard and i love it even more than i thought i would- which was a lot already! Way to go! (and thanks for saying Hi :)

Anonymous said...

That came out great!
Lisa C.

Lish said...

Thanks guys! We ALL love it-my hubby draws on it all the time too! :D