Monday, August 29, 2011

Custom Fridge Frames

I was so sick of my fridge looking like this....

So I decided to fix it. Awhile ago, I framed our Summer Bucket List and was using it as a Dry Erase board...I got the idea off the web somewhere...mmm...I forget, but I love it!

...and that was my inspiration that led this, and a trip to the dollar store.....

It's amazing what happens when you go to the dollar store for one tiny little thing...and then 1/2 hour later you come out with $20 worth of stuff...
 Anywho, I stocked up on cheap little wood frames, paint, and magnetic sheets...
I painted the frames to match the Dry Erase Board/Frame.

Then I added a magnetic sheet to the back of each frame and the dry erase board...oh and bonus...the sheets come with sticky stuff on the back already!

and VOILA!

Neat & Tidy..except for the bottom, where little hands play!

And luck would have it the Dry Erase frame has a bit of a 3D Edge, perfect for the marker to sit on top!
Oh, and seeing as this is the last official week of summer, we'd better get our butts in gear and finish our list!

Things to tackle this week include:

Going to the cottage-yeppers! Can't wait!
Fireworks-hope so!
Relaxing by the lake-yay!




Debbie @ OtRD said...

What a lovely organized fridge door! Love the picture frame idea and it turned out great!!

The Cisneros Family! said...

Wow that looks fabulous! What a great idea! Beautiful!

Melanie said...

You so rocked this! LOVE this idea, & I LOVE that you were able to get supplys at the dollar store!
I will totally add this to my list.

Also the frame as a dry erase board... brilliant!

andie jaye said...

this turned out wonderfully! it looks a lot nicer than mine right now. haha... you're gonna link this up to my party, right?? :)

Mallory said...

That looks great- summer is almost over but I might try this for a to do list.