Saturday, September 24, 2011

Highlights of Summer

So summer is officially over. I am packing away all our shorts and flip flops today ...sniff, sniff... 

Here are our highlights of Summer and what we accomplished off our Bucklist:

Fly a Kite
Ironically, this was also the day a Tornado hit a little too close to home.

Go to Beach

Date Night at Drive in Theater

Didn't happen-in fact the only dates hubby and I had this summer was out for supper for our anniversary and the date we had this week.

Hand & Feet painting outside

Go to Circus

Saturday at the Market

Make homemade strawberry jam

See a Rainbow

Relax by the Lake

Go to Splash Park
Tried walking there one day-momma turned around cause it was toooo HOT! I'm a wimp.

Play in the Sprinkler
It was an impromptu play in the sprinkler-we were watering the lawn, and thought hey, I wonder if Gray would like this? He did, clothes and all.

Watch Fireworks
Gray was a bit scared at first..but then he kept saying BOOM. MORE.

Go for Ride on City Bus
Mike took Gray for a ride, but wouldn't take the camera with him. Boo on him. Gray LOVED it.

Go to Zoo

Make homemade popsicles
I know I have a set around here somewhere, but I can only find the sticks..hmm..needless to say we didn't make them.

Go out for ice cream

Read books in the park
We had a really cool program here this summer with a local Youth Center and you, well, read stories in the park, it was really cool, Gray loved it...I didn't have my camera!

Go sight seeing in a local town
Nope, didn't do's very hard to maneauver a sit and stand stroller into little shops. And when your breastdeeding, you don't get a lot of time away from kids!

Go to cottage

Have a campfire

Camp in our backyard
Nope...we need a new tent, so that didn't happen either.

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Melanie said...

Now this is a list I would enjoy finishing! I LOVED all your pics!

andie jaye said...

this is such a fun post! you've got some great shots in there! what great memories you've built this past summer!