Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stalker Wednesday

I'm up late because I can't turn my computer off. Do you ever get like that? I am lost in a world of pretty things and my brain can not take it all in fast enough. Don't you just love finding amazingly beautiful things? Or how about really cool blogs?! Like these ones...

If I had one word to describe this blog. FUN. Check out some of their stuff...

A free printable here.

Love this colorful and creative chandelier! Find the tutorial at here.

Wooden bracelet with fabric flowers.

Touchy Feely Board. I have to do this!!! So much fun!

Or how about...Lolly Jane Boutique. Their crafts blow my mind!

If only I had a girl, although I'm sure boys can wear ruffles too, right!?! Haha!Tutorial here.

Ok, so now I have a million more projects to add to my craft list. I suggest you go and check out these blogs...oh, and a crazy coincidence...both blogs are written by sisters! Crazy!
Happy Stalker Wednesday...look out, you may be next!


Julianna, Jade, Janae, Jamie said...

Thank you SO mcch for the feature! Made our day you are so sweet!

Lolly Jane said...

aww, thanks for featuring our goods. you're SO sweet (:

xoxo, kelli & kristi