Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Post: Emily from Then Along Came A Boy

I've got a special treat for you guys again! This post is by Emily over at Then Along Came a Boy, she's also one of my Monthly Sponsors and you really should head on over to her blog and say hi! Plus, she's also hosting a giveaway for my Etsy Shop for a chance to win a custom photocard (just in time for Christmas!) and there is also a Coupon Code for 60% OFF my photography prints!
For those of you that are familiar with Emily's blog, you know she is super creative when it comes to her photos and she has also started a greeting card business as well! So let's see how this working mom of one super cute little boy manages to fit blogging into her life too...

Hey readers of Imprintish! I'm Emily from and I am going to share with you a day in my life. Are you ready? Ok, let's go!

Well, during the week, the alarm goes off at 5:40...I'm a little groggy most mornings so we just go....and try not to think to much. The boy gets up at about 6:00 and we are out of the house by about 6:30 to get to work and daycare at about 7.

I drop the boy off at daycare and go to work until about 2 in the afternoon. At that point we head home and figure out the rest of the day. Usually, if the weather is nice we will play outside and just hang out before we head indoors for awhile.

Then comes snack time, some days this can be nice and easy, other days this can be difficult and messy. Today was a good day.

We then head outside again for awhile and play with chalk (I have no idea what I am going to do come winter time, but we don't need to figure that out now!)

We head inside, or stop playing by about 5, and go in for bath time. Sometimes I am chasing a naked boy around the house, today was one of those days. Fortunately, there were no messes today.

We then have dinner and the night time routine of clean up, pajamas and tooth brushing. Bedtime for the boy is 7 pm.

After the boy is in bed is usually when I try to get some of my crafty things done, or my blog things. Today I wanted to finish up some sunflower note cards I was working on, and then after that prepared my post for my blog and responded to some emails.

Most of the time I usually try to have a computer curfew of about 8:30, I would probably say I break that two nights a week (whoops!).

Then I am in bed by about 9:30 - 10 pm, I need my sleep, what can I say?!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Emily! I really wish I had the dedication to be in bed at a decent time like you do! LOL!


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