Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy October!

I can't believe it is October already! Well, if the weather is any indication (cause it's cold!), fall is officially here. Our furnace is on, slippers and sweaters are ready to go! October also starts another great month here at Imprintalish! I have lots of exciting things planned for you! I've got the best sponsors this month, check out my left sidebar and give them a visit. They have been so generous and are so fantastic to work with! There will be some 'in house' Guest Posts lined up, and a few 'away' Guest Posts for you this month! I love blog walking (visiting other blogs) and hope you'll join in the fun with me. I've got another great giveaway for you too and also some fun news on my Card Shop on Etsy. Plus lots more, you'll just have to keep checking back! Don't worry I haven't forgotten about planning something BIG for hitting 100 followers! I've been working on being organized, can't you tell?!

Do you think I used enough exclamation marks in this post?!
Today is the last day to link up you 'me' photos at Frivolous Friday's!



em said...

I think maybe one more exclamation point would have sealed the deal!!!! Happy October (we are in the 80's this week...totally unheard of?! )

Melanie said...

Haha... No one uses more exclamation points than this girl!!! Seriously I have a problem!

Thant's so exciting you have sponsers & all that jazz. You big time now mama!!

OMGosh. My week has been crazzzy. No time to be frivolous at all. I will be extra frivolishous next week my friend! XO