Thursday, November 24, 2011

Around the House-Jordan @ Holding onto the Little Things

Jordan Marie is with us today to share a post about Baby's First Holidays. In her case, 'baby' is her beautiful daughter Scarlett, aka 'Letti' who is around the same age as my little Westyn! You can check out my post on First Holidays with my little guys over at her blog, Holding on to the Little Things.

Off to you Jordan Marie...

Our world has been filled with nothing but "firsts" in the past eight months and three days. If you're just tuning in, Scarlett-Marie is the center of that world. All the moons and stars revolve around her, and I am just fine with that.
Our first first in was St. Patrick's day, and the day she was born. Yep, my little tiny was born on St. Patrick's Day. I remember it decently clearly, and I remember her first store. I placed her safely inside my sling with hospital bracelets still on my wrist as we walked into Old Navy to find some St. Patrick's Day attire, before it was gone and sold.

Her first restaurant was Pei Wei, where I received my first looks. Not very many people see a freshly birthed baby and c-sectioned Mommy out and about less than 3 days after delivery. I was the queen of hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes those first few months.. Heck, who am I lying to, I still am!

My little Letti never got sick on any of these adventures, and now has a mighty good immune system. Nobody touched her, and many didn't even get a glance of her. I was really good at protecting her, and am still really good at it. I am barely finally letting her hands and arms go uncleaned after someone touches her.

Call me a little protective, but I don't want to experience some of those illness sickness firsts that you hear about. Being in the doctor's office for hip dysplasia and the emergency room for an eye infection we were told wouldn't get worse is enough for me!

In the month or two, I did get some really bad congestion, that lasted a month, that she picked up on for a few days towards the end, but with some Vicks Vapor Rub under her socks, a humidifier, and Simply Saline Baby, she was back to new in just a few days. Maybe that is what I should have done for myself. Gosh, that was a late lightbulb moment. Lol.

So St. Patrick's Day was our first holiday and our first birthday. Next came our first Easter. Easter was a lot of fun. We got Letti all dressed up for Easter pictures, Easter bunny pictures, church, and lunch with family after church.
Father's Day and the Fourth of July also resulted in some of the most adorable pictures..

Then it was Halloween. That so far, has been my favorite holiday. I loved making her costume, getting us all dressed up, and showing her off to everyone is East Texas. I hope as she gets older she enjoys Halloween as much as I do.

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We haven't had a really big family holiday since Easter, and in my book, that is just too long!

Thanksgiving in the Schilleci household is a pretty big deal. Especially after the opening of our family restaurant. In the past year there has always been someone working on all the smaller holidays and weekends, making it impossible to get everyone under the same roof. Things are settling down, and family is able to break away, but we still really treasure these holiday get togethers.

My grandmother sent out an e-mail yesterday discussing Thanksgiving. Scarlett, Allen, and I are in charge of making some cookies and desserts. I'm not sure exactly what we are making yet, but I have been looking at a lot of magazines trying to get some recipe ideas.

Scarlett loves sweet potatoes, so that is on my too grab list.

And this Christmas is going to be a first for everyone. We are spending part of it with each of our families, and most importantly, Scarlett's Uncle Nathan and Aunt Theresa get to meet her for the first time!

I already have the stockings bought. I just need to get the tree out of storage. I am pretty sure we will be putting that up come Monday. We might even put up some outdoor lights. I also can't wait to show Scarlett all the pretty lights during our evening drives. Gosh, I am getting so antsy and excited just thinking about all the fun traditions I want to start and all the cute photographs I want to take. Be sure to check out my blog for all those capturing moments photographs.



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