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Around the House-Kahley @ Ambience Blog

Hello Imprintalish readers!  Kahley from AmbianceBlog here, I am insanealiciously (if you follow my blog you already know I mush words together when excited! Also.... funny how that sorta sounds like Imprintalish eh!? It seems Lish and I may have a quirky little commonality!) excited to be here to share with you! Thanks SO much Lish, for this opportunity to share with you and your awesome readers!  And thanks for tuning in everyone!

Just a little about me before I begin - Firstly I am a wife & mommy - then I am a blogger, self professed DIY'er, eternal mover of furniture-er, constant re-decorator and Interior Stylist! Life is busy, and perfecting the juggling act is an everyday challenge; This is me and my fam-jam-ly:

My son Noah (aka BooBoo) is 4. My daughter Lexie (aka LooLoo) is 2. My hubby Steve (aka StevieBoy) is... wonderful. Sorry can't tell you his age:P He entertains my crazy home reno dreams - and somehow with a smile on his face - helps to complete every one of them. I am a BLESSED mama!! We live in a farmhouse built in the 1920's so.... there... are....a lot.... of.... renos;)  Did I mention I like StevieBoy?

Today Imprintalish readers, we’re going to be talking about Christmas! Christmas Vignettes specifically! Me,
StevieBoy & the kids loooove Christmas in our home, and I take advantage of the season and decorate our home a little differently each year – making it my goal to keep the decor purchasing to an absolute minimum. It is my specialty to raidcupboards, break out the spray paint can, look at an old ornament in a new way, move things from one spot to another, and just re purpose anything and everything.... and did I mention spray paint? ;)

So... speaking of Vignettes today we’re going to cover all of the traditional “surfaces” found in most homes:
If you’re lucky enough to have one (EEEEEEK I FINALLY AM! I have never had one in my married life YET... but this Christmas I WILL! Yay! (Check out the progress on that here!) It's a perfect place for Christmas decor. Let's have a look a some of my favorite inexpensively executed options:

How about a Pine cone Garland? Pick up pine cones outside for free, use small screw hooks (from any home improvement store) to screw into the base of each pine cone. Cut tiny holes in a length of ribbon cut to the width of your fireplace, insert each hooked pine cone - and voila!

If you can sew - why not fashion some neutral stockings out of burlap this year?

I LOVE this one! Living in Canada - we tend to have Birch at our disposal! Cut a length of birch long enough to center on your mantle (I'd say about 1/3 the width of your mantle). Tutorial here. Be sure to use battery operated tea lights - much safer!

Bring on the greenery! At your local Greenhouse pick up 1-2 bunches of mixed greens. (Most greenhouses sell mixed bunches at Christmas). All you have to do here is LITERALLY lay them on the mantle alternating back and forth the different species of greenery until it's nice and full just like this! Add some Christmas balls in a color that coordinates with your decor, and some pine cones!

Wondering how to accomplish this candle look when you don't have 14 million glass pedestal holders? Wine glasses:) Flipped up-side-down! Genius right? Just remember varying the heights is of PRIMO importance! Set some right on the mantle, some on wine glasses, maybe a couple just on small juice glasses hidden in the greenery. A nice mirror with a wreath (hang with 3m command hook for a non permanent solution)... and you're done!  *You may want to place the candles first, and then add the greenery second.*

Coffee & Side Tables

Sweater/sock cozies! Take a quick trip to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store and find some old cable knit sweaters or socks in whatever color you wish! If you don't have any vases like the ones above check the thrift store for those too! Slide your vase into the arm of the sweater, cut it off at the appropriate length - and hand stitch the bottom closed! Adding warmth at Christmas is all about texture! And these snugly sweaters cozies do just that! Three of these grouped on a tray on your side/coffee table would make the perfect vignette!

This is a simple, inexpensive statement vignette! A tray, simple white votives, and peppermint candies!
Would be pretty on a coffee table or side table!

Everything about this image is glorious - from the wreath in the window - to the sweet little vintage wagon holding Christmas gifts. But focus on the Coffee table for a moment - and recognize that sometimes less IS more. At Christmas time if we're not careful - things can get cluttered. Since this room is already so full of Christmas decor - the coffee table is a place to air on the simple side. A simple wood tray filled with votive holders in varying heights and colors = perfection!


A vintage box (or maybe one quickly whipped together with boards you have laying around?) filled with votive candles resting in canning jars, pine cones, and greenery makes a simple earthy statement on a buffet or sideboard.

Based on your color scheme, use inexpensive fruit to decorate! A tray filled with pomegranates, red apples, limes or mangoes, mixed with a bit of greenery & some Christmas balls makes a pretty and perfectly sized display for a sideboard/buffet.

Table Centerpiece

Fill 3-6 mason jars 1/4 of the way with Epsom Salts - ie. "faux snow" - and set a tea light inside. Stagger jars down the center of your table and arrange greenery around jars to form a greenery table runner.

Arrange candle lanterns down the center of your dining table, and add a few jack pine cones. Place one small votive at each table setting for maximum impact - simple yet stunning.

Use 3 vases in the same shape & size (any dollar store) - fill with Christmas balls in a coordinating color, and twigs. Place vases down the center of your dining room table in a row of 3 - perfect for those who love height & symmetry!

Before I go, I wanted to share just a few more inspiring and inexpensive ideas for the rest of your home..

Please, don't let your windows go naked! They need some love too! Hang a wreath, ornaments or pine cones - suspended from thick ribbon - in your choice of color. Use a thumb tack on the top of your window trim to anchor ribbon. Tip: Don't cut your ribbon until you have already hung the wreath at the right height! (Alternatively, use a 3m command hook affixed to the window for a ribbon free look.)

Your chairs are another great place to add a splash of Christmas! Wide silk ribbon wrapped around your chair backs - knotted in the back, and holding some greenery & an ornament or pine cone - makes the perfect classy Christmas table. I prefer this look on just the chairs at the head & foot of the table.

Make a GREAT first impression. Outfit your front door with not one, but three wreaths this year! This look is best accomplished using simple clutter free, greenery only wreaths. Affix to door using 3m command     hooks - and WOW 'EM when they arrive at your expertly and INEXPENSIVELY decorated home this year!

Hope you all enjoyed these tips - I certainly enjoyed finding them for you - and at the same time inspiring myself for this years Christmas in our home!

Happy holiday decorating Imprintalish readers!



Oh, Kahley!!! These ideas are FAH-BULOUS! Thank you so much for being a part of my Christmas event and I can see this is the begining of a beautiful blog-ship :)


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