Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY Ruffle Apron

So I can scratch one more present off my Christmas shopping list....I just finished making an apron for my most favorite niece!! I can say that on here, because I am pretty sure she isn't at the blog reading age yet! LOL! I've been wanting to make one for myself, and then thought that this would make a really cute gift to someone who likes to help craft and bake!

Here's how I did it...


Paper for pattern
1 metre of fabric for the main part of apron
4 coordinating printed fabrics- 1/2 metre each
Binding Tape
Sewing Machine

1. There really was no rhyme or reason to my pattern. It is for a 5 year old, so I measured the pattern against my son (who's 2 1/2) and against myself, then picked somewhere in between...Once I cut it out, I layed it against my fabric, pinned it in place and cut it out, leaving about 1 1/5 inches around my pattern for hemming. Once you've cut it out...hem away!!!

2. I then moved on to my 'ruffle' pieces. My pattern fabric was already 1/2 meters long. So I left it that length (you want it to be long so you can ruche it later to create the ruffles) and cut out some strips (maybe 5 inches high?) I eyeballed all 4 fabrics using the bottom portion of my apron as my guideline. Hem all 4 sides of each fabric.

3. Once you have them all hemmed you can start pinning the bottom layer into place. I just did a bunch of random tucks and pleats and pinned them in place.

4. Do this to all 3 of the bottom layers...again, I didn't measure I just kept layering and playing with it till it looked good.

5. For the final layer, I tucked and pleated and pinned it in place, being a little more neat then previously as this part will show. The binding tape will be the ties for the apron and will also be used to hold the top layer in place. Just make sure to leave some length on either side to create your ties. I also left some of the top ruffle showing above the binding tape. Now stitch in place.


6. Finish by adding a few stitches to the ends of the binding tape to keep it from fraying . Then add two more pieces of binding tape to the top corners of your apron to tie around the neck.

Now your apron is complete! Of course, I put it on to see how it looks...I did not take a picture of that though! LOL! But it turned out sooo cute-just a bit small for me! I will definitely be making one in my size though! I love it and it is going to make the cutest gift...I am going to add some fabric paint with it, so my niece can personalize the top part!

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Angee @ Sunshine in my life said...

Very cute! I'm such a sucker for ruffles and aprons. Put them together...LOVE!

Rachel said...

It turned out adorable. I love the colors you chose. My 4 year old would love one.

shopannies said...

how cute and colorful and fun I love them come see me at