Monday, November 14, 2011

Call me the Crazy Craft Lady...

I'm officially ready for Christmas...haha!!! Well not really...I keep coming up with new things to decorate and new presents to wrap and I am kinda getting nervous about my Kick Off to Christmas Event! Which starts in exactly one week!!! EEEK!!! If you are one of my guest posters and have not yet submitted your stuff ( I know I told you the 19th!!), send it now! LOL! I am panicking cause I think I'm going to run the hands right off the clock, my mind is spinning so fast!! Ok...breath...ahhh....that's better...

If you are one of them though...feel free to grab my 'Christmasy' button!!! Or feel free to grab it even if your not involved...just to spread the word :)


Here's a look at the finalized schedule too:

Monday November 21st- Decor Day

Giveaway and Ornament Tutorial
Wreath tutorial
A peak at my holiday decor
Decor Inspiration
Tuesday November 22nd- Gifts for the Men
Gift Guide for the men in your life
Handmade Gift Tutorials...and more!

Wednesday November 23rd-Gifts For the Kids
Lots of great gift ideas for the kids!!
Tutorials for handmade gifts!!!!
Thursday November 24th- Around the House
Guest Posts on family traditions and decor inspirations
Outdoor Decor
A mish mash of other fabulous Christmas ideas!

Friday November 25th- Gifts for the LadiesGiveaways!
Gift guides for all the women in your life!
Handmade Gift Tutorials
Saturday November 26th-Holiday Treats
Lots of yummy recipes from around the blogosphere!

Sunday November 27th- Wrap it up! FINAL DAY!
Unique wrapping ideas
Tutorials on wrapping your presents

So to drive myself further into the crazy world of having too much to do. I decided I should go on a crafting shopping spree. Wanna see what I got?

I found this vertical canvas for $7.99!!! I have bought canvas's 3x the size of that for at least $50! (with a coupon!) I think I may have to go back and see if they have some never know when I'll get the crafting urge again...hehe! I found some good ole' Kraft paper at the dollar store along with some pretty feathers (perfect for wrapping!) The rolls of tape are good for two projects I have in mind, and they go quite well with the yarn which is also going to go with the foam cones I bought at Walmart. You'll have to come back next week to see what I do with those!!

Oh, and the doilies...I have been on a search for doilies since this post...I did buy a few from the dollar store awhile ago, but they were crap! These are much nicer and were $1.99 each. I have no idea if that is good or not. Anyway...I have a bunch of plans for them as well!

I also bought a pair of boots for $24 at Walmart too...not craft related, but they were calling my name! Merry Christmas to me! Mike asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said nothing because I had already bought my gifts. LOL...

Do you buy your own gifts?



Briana Richardson said...

You have such cute stuff! I'm your newest follower!
Briana @

Alyx said...

I will get on doing that post right now! Haha, sorry, I'm a procrastinator! :)