Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Treats-Festive Drinks

Raspberry Jello Cosmo
The photo shows a jello mold which is the start to this fabulous spin on a jello really need to go to the site and watch the video because that jiggly red stuff you loved as a kid becomes super glam in a cosmo!!!
Peppermint Rimmed Hot Chocolate have to check this one good does that look? Crush your peppermints, dip your cup in melted chocolate, then dip in the crushed candies...heck yes!

Hot Cider Nog
Hot Cider Nog
 Doesn't that just scream winter?! It looks so inviting and yummy....
Poinsettia Mimosas
Pointsettia Mimosas
You can't forget this classic holiday drink with champagne and cranberry juice!



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