Monday, November 7, 2011

Sponsor Love Part 1

I'd love to introduce you to my November Sponsors (Part 1). They were all so generous to participate in my Monthly Ad Swap Program and let me display their beautiful buttons on my sidebar! I just want to share a bit about them with you today. Make sure you stop by all their blogs and give them some comment love!

Meet Lauren from Baby in Bulgaria

Hi there, I’m Lauren, twenty-something adventure seeker turned wife, momma, & expat all in less than a year! I met my Bulgarian husband Martin in Alaska, we got married in Vegas, made a sweet baby girl we call Francie, and moved to Bulgaria. Now I’m navigating mommahood and life as a foreigner in a country where I don’t speak the language (yet!). I blog about my expat adventures and of course, my sweet baby girl.

Fun facts about Lauren:

1.I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2.My very first concert was Fiona Apple on Halloween night in 1997.
3.I once spent a night sleeping in my car on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota.

Meet Jen from Wire-n-Whimsy

I'm the Mother of two boys, 9 and 4. We recently moved to Atlanta from Minneapolis due to my husband's job. Well, I guess I have always been the "Jen of all trades" making things in all different kinds of media. My passion is making jewelry. I absolutely LOVE metal. Probably from helping my father work on Street Rods in the garage. I was his helper, (or nusiance) trying to help him sand, bend or create something with metal. I aspire to be a metalsmith some day, but for now, I will try to learn on my own with different projects. Some day, my dream would be to train with a metalsmith and have the knowledge to make my creative visions come alive!

Fun Facts About Jen

I have a love for classic cars, metal, motorcycles, silly monsters, crazy about cats, animals, Green Bay Packers, whimsical art, photography and the Midwest!

Meet Kristan from AdelynStone

Hi, I'm Kristan and I blog over at adelynSTONE, a lifestyle/inspirational/crafty/DIY blog (okok.. it's just a big mesh of fun stuff). I'm a SAHM turned WAHM via my Etsy shop, where you will find simple cards that say what you mean. Ben and Jerry are my soul mates! Half Baked is how I spend my evenings (the ICE CREAM!)  and chasing after my two munchkins is how I keep that ice cream off my hips. Hope you'll come over and check us out!

Meet Janelle from J. P Photography

Hello everyone, Janelle here from J.P Photography, to start off I am so pleased to be able to meet all of you! If you visit my blog you are sure to be contaminated with photo after photo and a whole bunch of other stuff, but don't take my word for it, come visit me!

Elegant Accessories; A place where accessories are made with the up-most care and love. From the up-cycled fabric, to the vintage buttons, our headbands are uniquely made!


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Digger said...

Thank you for the comment over on my blog. I really appreciate the sentiment and thoughts. :) I'm sure I'll be keeping every body posted. lol. This is a fun post by you though! I love seeing people's sponsors and enjoy learning and meeting new friends. Thanks for sharing!