Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sponsor Love Part 2

I'd love to introduce you to my November Sponsors (Part 2). They were all so generous to participate in my Monthly Ad Swap Program and let me display their beautiful buttons on my sidebar! I just want to share a bit about them with you today. Make sure you stop by all their blogs and give them some comment love!

Meet Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure!
I'm Alyx, and my blog is Every Day is a New Adventure. The hubs and I are currently living it up in the middle of nowhere, Germany, while I teach English to a bunch of high schoolers out here. I got pretty into blogging a couple of months ago, and this here blog is where I share all sorts of stuff - recipes, random thoughts, funny [to me] little anecdotes, things my students say [there can be some funny ones], sometimes tutorials, sometimes fashion stuff, always a new adventure. Come on over and stay a while!

Fun facts about Alyx:

1. I've been to 7 different countries: USA, Dominican Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

2. I have moved 13 times in the past five years (college does that to ya), 4 of which have been since I got married in August 2010.

3. We got into a minor car crash on the way to our wedding reception. I'm sure we were a sight to see - bawling bride standing on side of highway in wedding dress while groom wearing full on tux observes damage to vehicles.

Meet Meaghan from May Contain Nutz!

May Contain Nutz is about the musings of a performer turned baker, turned jeweler and soon to be ukulele goddess! I love blogging about daily life, funny events, delicious recipes and super cute DIY's! Come check out the nuttiness and stay a while! :) I find inspiration everywhere but I especially love Pinterest! What's Pinterest you ask?! Have you been under a rock ;) It's a fantastic resource for being inspired. Crafts, baking, fashion, home decor or wedding inspiration Pinterest has it all :)

Fun Facts about Meaghan:

1. I'm a musical theatre performer who loves to bake, blog and make pretty things :)

2. I live in Montreal, Canada with 2 kitties (Kitterson & Little) & my cute french boyfriend!

3. I hate wet bread :)

Meet Kathleen from Gaia Metal Studios!


I have always enjoyed creating! As an artist I look for items to be added to my jewelry that can catch the light, provoke interest or make you smile. Mainly my inspiration comes through nature. I love the plants and creatures of this earth, along with the smells, colors and textures. My favorite part of making jewelry is spending time with my daughter. She is usually in my studio while I am creating, telling me about her day, or giving her input on designs.

Fun facts about Kathleen:

 1. I have a pet pig named porkchop and he follows me around like a dog and chases sticks!
2. I was born on christmas at 12:25pm and I dont think my mother has ever forgiven me!
3. My favorite colors are red and green.


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