Friday, January 20, 2012

Decisions, Creativeness & Frustrations


How do you make really important decisions? Do you talk things over with your family? Parents? Friends? What do you use as a means to figure something out? Pro's and Con's list?

I was approached with an opportunity the other day. A really good one. At first glance it would be so easy to just say yes. At second glance, when I take into consideration all of the factors involved, the con's out way the pros. But yet, it would be something I would love to do.

Here's another question for you...for all you moms that work outside the home, how did you decide that was the best option for you? How do you juggle being a mom for a few hours a day and an employee for 8 or so hours?

What's my big dilemma you ask?

How do I make the decision to work full time and barely break even, or stay at home and barely break even?

I read something the other day that hit home. It was along the lines of, when you want to create, turn off your computer. Um, when I am feeling creative what is the first thing I do? I go to Pinterest, or google, or blogs...In hindsight, it's such an awful idea. Because in the time I wasted on the internet I could have created something beautiful! My computer is the place I go to find inspiration, write about my inspirations and create. But what would happen if I actually sketched something out, brainstormed on paper...might I actually create something original? If I turned off my computer I wouldn't be searching endlessly for the 'better' project or idea, I would use my own and be proud. So I'm going to try it, next time I'm feeling creative, I'm going to turn off my computer and let my own creativity take it's course and not someone else's. You should too!


I love searching through my blog list and finding cool things to read and share with you! I always check out my Sponsors pages too to see what's going on in their blog world, and in the last week I have stumbled upon some of my Ad Swappers blog's who don't have my button up. So I politely emailed them and asked them why it wasn't there. Some of them replied, others didn't. Some were a mistake ( no problem-I do it too!) and I guess the ones that didn't reply, didn't care. As a blog owner and friendly swapper, this is so frustrating! Trying to get your name out there and build a community of fellow bloggers is not easy, it's a lot of hard work. I guess I kind of expect that the swappers on the other end of the deal are putting in as much hard work and effort as I am, but I guess that's not always the case. The one that really bothered me though, and was the main reason for my frustration, was the one who emailed me saying how she wasn't going to go forward with swappers in February. No problem, that's her choice to make, no harm done. But when I went to her blog, she didn't have my button up or any other swapper from what I could tell, AND, she had just posted a Group giveaway from her sponsor's, including the coupon code that I gave her as part of the swap we set up. I find this incredible rude. She is reaping the rewards of passing on a deal from my shop as a sponsor, but can't keep my button up?


Those are just a few thoughts that are flowing through my mind at the moment.


EMily said...

For me, we don't really have a choice right now for me not to work, but with number two on the way, that will put another kink in the finances, we have a great daycare provide who I trust 100% with the boy, and he LOVES daycare, yes there are times when we just want to stay home and can't, but both my husband and I devote the time we do have with the kid so our attention isn't focused on multiple things. As for creativity, I would totally agree with turning the computer off. When I started making my little cards I would get ideas from the internet, but mine would never look nearly as good, so I've had much more creative success doing my own thing...just wish I had more time to do it and promote it! And, as for the sponsor swappers. I noticed the same thing, I had "swapped" with someone, they didn't put my button up, I emailed them, no response, so I took theirs down. Ultimately, for me, I didn't see much success with swapping, so, until I want to invest with real money in my blog I doubt I would do it again.

Lauren said...

I am so with you on the creativity thing! The internet can provide a lot of inspiration but if I actually want to get something done, I need to get off the computer. I love reading everyone's blogs too but sometimes I think it's best to stop reading and just focus on my own blog for a day or two. It's important to take time to focus on yourself, ya know? And yeah- sponsor swapping is a lot of work! :)

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Regarding your decision, I would just suggest that you take into account ALL the factors, not just the financial ones. When faced with the same decision myself it was very very easy for be to choose to be a working mom. I love my daughter with all my heart but my daycare-mom is amazing and I'm happy working so as long as I'm not loosing money, it was worth it for me. I need that time out in the work world very much to maintain my balance so I can better care for my daughter. My daycare mom needs that nurturing time with her kids (and now mine) to help her balance, so it works great for us.

So when you look at all your pros and cons, remember to factor in your needs, whether they be for the draw of the work world or for more time with your child(s). Your needs are valid and important too.

Ashley said...

I'm not a mom (yet), but I'm recently engaged and worry - already - about how I'll feel about being a working mom when we finally do have kids.

I'm totally guilty of looking to the computer when I'm feeling inspired. Sometimes I'm at work, and I'll make a big plan to go to Michael's after work and get creating when I get home....but then I just go straight home.

As for those not sharing the love...I find that incredibly selfish and rude - and personally don't think they'll get very far with their own blog if that's how they want to play.

I liked this post, a lot.

Eliza Kay said...

I'm proudly rocking your button:) There are so many great bloggers out there who do reciprocate and I love the little community we've all created. It is frustrating when you've made the effort and then not gotten anything in return. Hopefully that situation ends up being a one time thing!

Live Laugh Rowe said...

Girl.. enjoyed the read. The computer is our bestest friend and biggest enemy!!

I'll keep swapping buttons for as long as you allow me :) And I know how much work it is, I was amen-ing as I read. Some bloggers are very selfish, while others of us are out to build a community.

Chin up, Lish!

Melanie said...

Hey mama. As I read this I was thinking... "why the heck do I not have your button on my sidebar..?"
No FLIPPN clue! So I just added it! I just love ya, & you have a fabulous blog. I don't want anything in return! Just wanted to let ya know!

"Why do I not have a button?" Dude I should surely make a button! Good talk. Thanks Lish! Lol)

Btw, The whole work outside or stay home thing? Girl, I have no clue. I'd say what will make you the happiest? What will be best for your family? What do you truely want to do? That's such a hard decision. Good luck hon! Xoxo