Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kitchen Update

Well here she is in all her unorganized, messy glory! My new kitchen! Well, part of it anyway...See that lovely plastic sheet back there? Well, it is stopping the rest of the kitchen from being installed. (and is also going to be the hugest eye sore until we get our building permit to rip off the rook and re slope it the proper way-ya that's right, the roof needs to be ripped off! Ca -CHING!) The whole situation is a huge bummer and it's tainting my beautiful kitchen that I've longed's only one cabinet above the stove and one to the right of the stove, and the finishing touches like the crown moulding that needs to be installed. But it still sucks knowing that it won't be done for awhile. Sorry, the photo is a bit dark...we didn't have a light for awhile....

But I totally love the hardware and the HUGE pot drawers!

Some things left unfinished aside from the cabinets...the floor and backsplash. The floor will have to wait until the sunroom is fixed. This wasn't something we had planned on replacing but, the demo of the kitchen left a few holes marks and there is a big slit where the pantry cupboard was, you can see the basement through the hole!  We'll probably go with some kind of laminate...And the backsplash...the countertop that was installed has cracks in it, so it is being replaced. Until then, the tile is on hold, which is probably ok, cause I can't decide what I want...white subway tile? Or something fancier...?

oh the tile backsplash!.

Another dillema...the lighting. What do you think of the light? It is the look/shape I want, but I am not completely sold on it. Mike likes it. This is the only light in our kitchen right now. I would like to put in a track light on the ceiling, but that will have to wait too...

globe lights

This is the look I want, but $150-$250 is a little bit out of my price! So my $14.99 light from Home Depot will have to do!

I am torn on paint too...a few color schemes I have in mind revolve around...plum...turquoise...melon...yellow... and gray as the neutral, of course not all together, or could I?
bedroom color inspirationcolor inspiration

melon + gray

.love!beautiful !

What do you guys think? Any advice?


Melanie said...

We so have the same style! With that being said... you have fabulous taste my friend! Lol)

I'm a sucker foe the plain white subway tile, but I do LOVE the blue too! It's all coming along! Just be happy the it's started! My kitchen is jealous of your kitchen! Hahaa.

loverbean said...

Hello Lish, I found your blog through the Pinterest Post of your Etsy yellow board. I would love to know how you made such a poster look to compile the items. What software or program do you use to do that compilation? I added it (with credit and a reference to your blog) to my blog which is about everything lemon, including the color.

Your home is beautiful and you have amazing style. Re: your tile choices, I prefer the lattice looking one, but it may be too busy for you. You seem to have a more minimalist look. The aqua subway tile is gorgeous, I think you need some curves and a little more whimsy. That's my two cents!

loverbean said...
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