Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Pinteresting-For the Love of Hearts

I have been stuck in our living room for the past 5 sucks...I am going crazy. We have been eating in here. Cooking in here. Playing in here. Watching TV in here. Doing dishes in here. Everything that is supposed to be in here has been joined by the microwave and fridge, along with our computer table and shelves of toys! On the plus side, I got my internet back up and running and I have had tons of time to play with the kids and stare at my jam packed room, dreaming of the day it is back to 'normal!'

I've also been dreaming about Valentines Day. Some may think it is just a commercial grab for people to spend lots of money on showering their loved one with unnecessary things...but I think it is the perfect excuse to get out the craft supplies and make something pretty! And I am in need of some pretty in my life right now thanks to our reno fiasco's!

So of course, I headed to Pinterest for some 'pinspiration!'

Which led me to these beautiful finds....



Melanie said...

Oh how pretty. Love the hearts hanging from the stikcs!

You! I am totally going to become addicted to pinterest, I know it! I have my account pretty much set, & I can't wait to get started! Thanks for the invite Lish.

Digger said...

These are beautiful!! I love this!! Make sure you link up to our Valentine Link UP on the first! I'm sure this would be a HUGE hit! :)

All The Love In The Universe!